Top Password Cracking Methods

Password Cracking Methods

Top Ten Password Cracking Methods

Most of the people think using a good password. Security is the first and most effective strategy for protecting sensitive systems and data. It is the main common knowledge that everyone should use strong passwords that are not easy to guess. Such as by using passwords that are 12 to 16 characters in length that use both upper and lower case letters, and also which include non-alphanumeric characters. not all hackers use guess method they can use following methods also.


Dictionary attack

in this attack, hackers use a simple file containing words. A dictionary attack is based on trying all the strings in a prearranged words list, it tries only those possibilities which are deemed most likely to succeed. Dictionary attack often succeeds because many people chose passwords that are common or simple to guess.

Brute force attack

This attack is similar to a dictionary attack. brute force attack tries many passwords or passphrases with the hope of guessing correct passwords. the attacker systematically checks possible passwords normally people use. This method is very fast when used to check short passwords. But for a longer password, we use a dictionary attack.

Rainbow table attack

A rainbow table is a list of pre-computed hashes. The numerical value of encrypted passwords used by most systems and the hashes of all possible password combinations for any given hashing algorithm mind. If the two hashes match, access is granted rainbow tables are not always needed. For there are simpler methods of hash reversal available. Brute-force attacks and dictionary attacks are the simplest methods available.


A phishing attack is used to obtain sensitive information such as username, passwords, and also credit cards detail. Phishing is a form of fraud emails or message. In this attack, we make a fake login page or any other information page as same as the original website. A phishing attack can be done with the help of social engineering tools.

social engineering

Mostly hacking works on social engineering. It is the art of finding confidential information of user or victim. By this wee can crack vulnerabilities of any software, websites or web servers etc. There are many ways that attackers can try to trick you online and offline.


This is same as a virus. A key logger or screen scraper can be installed by malware. It records everything you type or takes screen shots during a login process, and then forwards a copy of this file to hacker central. Malware is generally used to damage or gain authorized access to others system. It is any program or a file that is harmful to a computer user. WannaCry ransomware is the one of best example for it.

Offline cracking

Offline attacks are only possible when you have all access to the password or hash. This attack can be used on your own system or the system local access too. In it, you can only do the limited hacking process.


Spidering can be done on websites. Web spiders are the most powerful useful tools for both purposes good or bad intentions. it works by crawling a website on a page at a time. It gathers strong information about the user.


Cain and Abel

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