Top 2 FREE hacking and security tools


Hacking is one of the most abused terms in the tech world nowadays. Hacking word comes in the 1990s. Hacker was a term used to denote a skilled programmer who had competency in machine code and operating systems. The first step to being a good hacker is to know all that is happening in the security world. Cybersecurity conferences such as Black Hat, DefCon, BSides and the Chaos Communication Conference can provide the latest security research, demonstrations and theoretical knowledge for you to move forward. Next step would be to enroll for online certification programs. Having knowledge of these two must-have hacking tools is necessary for every hacker and security researcher.

Metasploit Hacking tool

It is used for cybersecurity community. It offers a rich library of exploits you can run on a number of different servers. You can use Metasploit to stimulate various steps of APT attacks so that in future you can spot the attack path and vulnerabilities that have otherwise allowed major data breaches. However, before you can start using Metasploit to its fullest potential, you will need specific training. Offensive Security offers a free training program for the toolkit called Metasploit Unleashed.

OWASP Zed hacking tool

OWASP ZAP (short for Zed Attack Proxy) is an open-source web application security scanner. If you are into hacking it is likely that you are very familiar with OWASP.  This hacking and pentesting tool is a very efficient as well as being easy to use. ZAP is a popular tool because it does have a lot of support and the OWASP community is really an excellent resource for those that work within Cyber Security. ZAP is easy to use web app pentest tool. Completely free and open source.  owasp flagship project idea for beginners as well as used by professionals also.


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