Why COC games generally can’t be hacked


Why Clash Of Clans Generally Can’t get Hacked

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular smartphone game. The game is based on building your own village and attacking others villages to gain coins, elixir, and gems. And every clash of clan player always has looked for ways to hack the game. But the fact about this game is, you can’t hack it. Most of the offline games as well as some of the online games can be hacked by many ways. But, Clash of Clans (COC) is a game which uses some special deference mechanisms which protect the game from being hacked.


Reasons Why You Cannot Hack COC

1. A fast and secure server :

All the data of your profile and that of the other users of this game is stored centrally in a fast and secured server. The server is very secure and bestowed by some security tools. Which makes it quite impossible to hack.

2. An efficient group of engineers :

When ever a bug is seen in the game, it is solved by the group of engineers of Clash of Clans. These real people are working continuously to save the reputation of this game and ensure that every user gets a fair chance to progress. You may have noticed that the game goes in maintenance mode regularly when you can’t play for 10 minutes or so. It indicated that the engineers don’t want to take any chances and always want to keep the game updated against the best of the hacking tools.

3. Synchronising with the server :

You can play the game very smoothly when you have a good internet connection on your phone. Your phone is nothing but a display of the game. The central processing unit (CPU) of the game is located centrally in the Clash of Clans server. So, you can use a hack tool and change the number of coins, elixir and gems. But, when you will connect to the server, it will check the stored information last time you left while playing COC. If they find any abnormality your account may be banned also. So it is not possible to hack the coins, elixir and gems of Clash of Clans.
So, beware of all the online tools that claim to give you free coins, elixir, and gems.

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