In this article, we will understand What is Deep/Dark web | How to use Deep/Dark Web. Here we will cover whole information regarding darknet, how you can use, which VPN you have to use during accessing Deep/Dark Net. As you know you can not access the dark web in a simple browser like Google Chrome, UC browser. To Open Dark/Deep Web web site you Need a special browser named as TOR which means The onion rooter. Deep/Dark web use Deep/Dark Web

Deep/Dark web use Deep/Dark Web

What is Deep/Dark web Deep/Dark web use Deep/Dark Web

Deep/Dark web is the part of world wide web (www) but it requires special software to run its websites.  The deep web is any web page which is not stored in any search engine. To open these type of web pages you need a special username and password mostly government uses the deep web to store their data safely. According to research, only 4% of internet or web pages are visible in general public.  The other 96% internet or web pages are used in the darknet.

What we can do in dark web

Dark is very popular for illegal works. Dark web websites sell drugs, hacking software, counterfeit money and more. You can buy this stuff by using bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency.

What we can do in dark web

Silk road web page

How to use Dark Web

You can not use dark we in a normal internet browser. A dark web can be used by a special software named as TOR (The onion rooter). TOR browser protects you by bouncing your IP address. It layers your protection like an onion. Tor is a very good tool for anonymous browsing and downloading, with or without a VPN.  By the following steps, you can use Dark web.

  • First, go to its official website Download Tor.
  • After downloading the TOR bundle now you have to install it on your system.
  • Follow the complete installation step it is as simple as you install other software in your system.
  • Once you have install TOR open  it
  • Now you Can freely use TOR anonymously.
How to use Dark Web

Note:- Don’t use the full screen while surfing on TOR. Deep/Dark web use Deep/Dark Web

Warning:- If you are going to usee darknet use a VPN too to protect more. Most important thing don’t surf anything illegal or stupid stuff. You will not be arrested for just surfing normal web pages but don’t go to child porn sits. Also, Those Drug selling marketplaces and arms dealing markets onion websites. Please don’t buy any weapons or drugs or stolen credit cards or ANYTHING!!

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for what you do in the darknet. This is just for educational purposes only.

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